Update on my LPedia Efforts

lpedia-orgOne of the first things I focused on upon my election to the LNC was the state of LPedia.org. For those not familiar, in simple terms, this is an online wiki of Libertarian Party knowledge and history started some time ago and over time, became increasingly abandoned by the LP itself but lovingly maintained by a few key volunteers, such as James Gholston. There is a wealth of information at LPedia (such as every historical Platform) but it could be so much more. Many people have scattered documents from our history that should be made available to all of us that love this Party (for example, I have rare copies of the 1972 and 1978 Bylaws). I have bemoaned regularly about our lack of institutional knowledge, and the dusty abandoned shell of LPedia is a prime example of how we *could* have preserved treasures and did not. Thus this long journey began.

I spoke with James Gholston about what could be done, and basically, the LP needs to either actively allow direct access to update the wiki software and maintain the site (including once again allowing new user registrations) or let it go to someone who wishes to. The LSLA offered to take over this project. I met some resistance when I brought this suggestion up to the LNC in July leading to my comment that we were behaving like a man who no longer is attracted to his girlfriend until some other man shows interest in her. Here is my motion that was made and the vote afterwards:


But there was a problem. The IT Committee had not yet been populated, but it seemed certain, it would be done soon. Ahh, if wishes were fishes we would all cast nets. The LNC appointments to the IT Committee were not made by Chair Sarwark (this is required by our Policy Manual) until 9/14/16. *Please note this is not a criticism of Chair Sarwark–we are in the middle of the busiest election season in LP history, it is what it is.*


But now we are nearly another month out, and the rest of the Committee has not yet been populated nor has there been any advertising for the vacancies.

This has led to my latest email string, culminating in this:


Any continued delays can cause irreparable loss. From what I understand from Gholston, any updates to underlying needed software could break LPedia from any functional use as it is limping along now, and perhaps lose the underlying data. Others are working to scrape the data from outside to preserve, but the easiest, most accurate, and just simply the best way, is for the LP to allow these volunteers access.

This shouldn’t be so complicated. At. All. (the LPedia thing)

Encouragingly, as I was writing this, I heard this: