Over-stepping in Re-branding?

Old Masthead
Old Masthead
As most of you know, the LP.org website has gone through a major re-design with a lot of hiccups. I personally like the new look very much. It is fresh and modern. However, the wisdom of rolling out an admittedly buggy website two weeks prior to election has been much in doubt. Multiple (at times tense) discussions have taken place on the LNC list regarding this issue. You can view these discussions here:




The issues included loss of candidate information in various affiliates, missing pictures for LNC members, old content not transferred over, and missing Bylaws-required records– the last item being a major concern for me. No matter how “trivial” some may find that, it is in fact not optional. It is required by our Bylaws, and I am not at all satisfied with the breezy way it has been handled. It may be several weeks (I suspect more) before our website is brought into compliance with our Bylaws.

But of more concern, particular in light of website relaunch committee person Ludlow’s comments that touch upon ideological presentation issues (i.e. messaging)- such as calling the presentation, including messaging, of our prior website as “autistic,” is the obvious purposeful decision to remove “Party of Principle” and “Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom” from the masthead. I submit that such a decision is an LNC-level decision and that the committee over-stepped its bounds in an agenda to ideologically re-brand the Party. I could be mistaken about reasoning, but in any event, this is an LNC-level decision, and I intend upon addressing it.

I have full respect for Ludlow’s formidable technical skills and full appreciation of the enormous amount of volunteer time he has donated to the Party and thank him utterly. But my responsibility is also to the public-facing ideological presentation and preservation of our unique Libertarian identity.