Results of Email Ballot 2016-05: Increase Ballot Access Budget


Here was the ballot:

We have an electronic mail ballot.

Votes are due to the LNC-Business list by September 10, 2016 at 11:59:59pm Pacific time.

Sponsor: Sarwark

Motion: to increase the ballot access budget (Line 70) from $340,000 to $390,000


And the results:

Voting has ended for the email ballot shown below.

Voting “aye”: Bilyeu, Demarest, Goldstein, Hagan, Harlos, Hayes, Hewitt, Katz, Lark, Marsh, McKnight, Moellman, Redpath

Voting “nay”: (none)

With a final vote tally of 13-0, the motion PASSES.

Summary of Executive Committee Meeting 6/15/16 on New York and Washington DC Ballot Access (additional states discussed)

New York

There was an error in the conference call program in which it did not connect this IPR editor to the call until after it was underway. I was able to connect at the time the below Motion was called as follows:

Move that $25,000 in LNC funds be encumbered to the Libertarian Party of New York to obtain ballot access.

This was passed 7-0.

Washington DC

Dr. Lark moved to encumber $25,000 for a petition drive in Washington DC to put the Presidential ticket on the ballot for November. Hagan seconded. Dr.Lark then amended his Motion to the figure of $20,000. Hagan seconded.

Dr. Lark stated that about 4,400 signatures are needed with a 7,000 gross target. DC would be able to obtain 1,000 volunteer signatures. John LaBeaume (acting Vice Chair for the Libertarian Party of Washington DC and longtime Libertarian activist) spoke to the importance of having our candidates on the DC ballot for credibility, fundraising, and possibilities for victories in some down-ticket races. Mattson asked where this dollar figure came from at this point as it would be about $4 a signature. Dr. Lark stated that it is his goal to keep this at about $3 a gross signature so that the drive could be done for less than $20,000.00. This drive would start this coming Friday through August 10, 2016.

LaBeaume stated that he has a PAC (DCPAC) that he will use in order to fundraise to contribute as much as they can towards this drive.

This was passed 7-0.

Rhode Island

Dr. Lark requested a future encumbrance of $2,500 be considered for Rhode Island as this is the last state to deal with for which there has been no encumbrance. The Libertarian Party of Rhode Island has not made any commitment yet to this goal. The petition dates would be June 29, 2016 through September 9, 2016. This is something that is entirely doable by the State Party and it was felt that doing an encumbrance now would discourage the State Party from taking care of this on their own, and there is plenty of time to decide this later. Dr. Lark will speak with the Rhode Island Party to encourage them to start on their petitioning and be able to give a status or request by the July LNC meeting.


It was not felt that the Illinois encumbrance needed to be increased at this point as the Johnson Campaign seems willing and able to pick it up where the previous $50,000 left off up to $25,000. Wes Benedict felt that the total cost will end up being around $60,000. Sarwark reported that he spent four hours on the phone with everyone involved in the Illinois drive and feels that we can meet the target without raising the amount paid per signature though this is somewhat of a gut gamble. They are trying to spin up to about 1,500 signatures per day.


Gross target is being moved down from 36,000 to 34,000, and there are almost 11,000 in hand at this time. Additionally petitioning teams are moving into place when Illinois wraps up. So far, things are on target. The Pennsylvania deadline is five weeks after the Illinois deadline. Andy Jacobs said that the amount in hand is actually about 15,000.

THE OFFICIAL MINUTES HAVE BEEN POSTED.2016_06_15 LNC ExComm Meeting Minutes – approved