Proposal for Committee Transparency

The word Transparency appearing behind torn brown paper.
The word Transparency appearing behind torn brown paper.
Dear Region 1 members:

I just started this discussion on the LNC list as an initial starting point:

I would like to start a discussion on a potential Policy Manual Change for Committee transparency. And here is my rough start at it…

This would revise Section 2.02. I would like to add a new Number 2 (with the rest being re-numbered accordingly).

2) Committee Transparency

The names and contact information (phone number, email address, or both) for all committee members shall be posted on the website. Unless otherwise specifically excepted on a committee-by-committee basis or within the committee’s own published standing rules for “executive session,” all committee meetings shall be open to any member of the National Party to observe or listen and all electronic committee correspondences shall be made available on a public reflector system on the website, the location of which will be published with the committee contact information. Notices of committee meetings shall be published to to said reflector list or otherwise on the website. At least 48 hours public notice will be given for any committee meeting.

This is a first draft. I realize that an endnote would need to be added on how this would deviate from standard committee rules in Roberts.

I would hope I get support for this.

PS: I would like to note one reason why I am suggesting this now. I agree with M. Carling’s sentiments and those of others that we need to empower committees to actually do things, and this includes spending money. However, this would add a level of opacity that doesn’t presently exist with the admirable commitment the LNC has made to transparency. Thus before empowering more, we need to transfer this transparency over in addition to my general belief that this should be the default for all committees.

I would encourage you to follow the discussion at:

The Policy Manual can be found here:

Judicial Committee Adopted Revised Rules of Appellate Procedure

judges-gavel-640x480111121111-130894-640x480From the Judicial Committee Chair Chuck Moulton:

The Judicial Committee has adopted the attached Rules of Appellate Procedure by email ballot (7-0 vote). We are hereby submitting these rules to the Libertarian National Committee for approval pursuant to LP Bylaw 8.3.

I am including two PDF documents:
1) Our proposed Judicial Committee Rules of Appellate Procedure for the 2016 term.
2) Changes between the 2014 and the 2016 Rules of Appellate Procedure.

Thank you.


Chuck Moulton, Chair
Michael Badnarik
John Buttrick
Alicia Dearn
Bill Hall
Gary Johnson
Rob Latham

My Thoughts:The proposed changes offer a much greater level of transparency for membership to understand and review the matters being reviewed by the Judicial Committee. The lack of transparency and an out-of-control Judicial Committee has been a complaint in the past, and I believe these go a long way towards alleviating that potential concern–real or perceived.

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Mentoring Brochure Draft 1This isn’t part of my responsibilities as Regional Representative, and I offer this to any affiliate in any region, but I wanted my Region to know that I want to help LP affiliates grow their pages. I have gained knowledge and experience in effective tools for growing your page through my experiences in Colorado (just over 3K likes and about 16th affiliate ranking when I took over and now over 15K likes and 4th in affiliate ranking) and on the National Social Media Team. I would love to personally speak with your Facebook page admin about the tips and tricks I have learned.

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June 2016 Membership Report Released

The June Membership report has been released and can be found here. Renewing donors dropped dramatically, and lapsed donors increased. There was an increase in active donors. I expect these figures will be a point of discussion at the LNC meeting in a few weeks, and I will report to you. BSM (Bylaws-defined Sustaining Members) rose significantly. The comparisons of this year from last year are dramatic in their increase.


Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 5.58.04 PM

For historical purposes, this helpful graph was found on IPR.

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