August End of Month Financial Report

financial_reportFrom the LNC List: The August End-of-Month Financial Reports are attached. Revenue continued to increase. Year-to-date revenue was $2,072,899. The reserve was at $432,311 versus a reserve target of $44,125.

The Ballot Access Expenses and Brand Development Expenses were over budget at the end of August. An e-mail ballot to increase Ballot Access Expenses by $50,000 passed in September, so this is no longer over budget. We currently have an e-mail ballot to change the Brand Development Expenses budget.

Tim Hagan

You can view the report here.

Emails ballots just passed to adjust some of these issues in this report which will show up in the September report. Here is the chart that will be of most interest to members showing an increasing donor base:


Results on Budget Email Votes

unknownEmail Ballot 2016-08: Budget Increases for Growth

Sponsor: Sarwark

Motion: Amend the budget as follows:

32-Fundraising Costs increase by $60,000 to $201,364
33-Membership Fundraising Costs increase by $35,000 to $127,200
40-Adminstrative Costs increase by $50,000 to $310,050
45-Compensation increase by $60,000 to $448,800
85-Member Communication increase by $17,500 to $62,500

Voting has ended for the email ballot shown below.

Voting “aye”: Bilyeu, Bittner, Demarest, Goldstein, Hagan, Hayes, Katz, Lark, Marsh, Redpath

Voting “nay”: (none)

Express Abstention: Harlos, Mattson

With a final vote tally of 10-0, the motion PASSES.

Explanation of my abstention: There simply was not information to vote on this responsibly. Time ran out at Sunday’s meeting, and I did not get the answers I needed.

Email Ballot 2016-07: Increase Branding Budget 2

Sponsor: Sarwark

Motion: The budget for 55-Brand Political Materials Expense shall be $50,000 higher than actual revenue for 26-Brand Political Materials.

Voting has ended for the email ballot shown below.

Voting “aye”: Bilyeu, Bittner, Goldstein, Hagan, Hayes, Lark, Marsh, McKnight, Starchild, Vohra

Voting “nay”: Demarest, Harlos, Hewitt, Katz, Mattson

With a final vote tally of 10-5, the motion PASSES.

Explanation of my opposition: There was inadequate explanation of why we had to take such a large hit on branding expenses. While I support and understand that getting materials out is very cheap advertising, this wasn’t simply a motion for a one-time increase or loss of $50,000 (it was actually $30,000 since we had a donor who gave $20,000) but a floating loss. Meaning that for every increase in revenue, the cost would always be $50,000 more. That made no sense to me, and did not give us opportunity to reliably monitor. The rationale was that there would be too many requests to continue to raise if we set a fixed amount. That was unpersuasive. Motions like that pass easily when needed, so there is no reason for the LNC to abdicate this monitoring responsibility.

Two Ballot Access Email Votes: Email Ballot 2016-11: LPKY Ballot Access Lawsuit Costs and Email Ballot 2016-12: LPKY SCOTUS Appeal

untitled-3-33We have an electronic mail ballot.

Votes are due to the LNC-Business list by October 5, 2016 at 11:59:59pm Pacific time.

Co-Sponsors: Katz, Harlos, Redpath, Hayes

Motion: The LNC will allocate from Legal Offense $500 to cover costs in the Kentucky Ballot Access case.


We have an electronic mail ballot.

Votes are due to the LNC-Business list by October 5, 2016 at 11:59:59pm Pacific time.

Co-Sponsors: Katz, Harlos, Redpath, Hayes

Motion: The LNC will allocate from Legal Offense $2000 to fund a petition for certiorari to the Supreme Court in the Kentucky Ballot Access case.

I have recorded YES votes in each.

Email Ballot 2016-10: Rescind Contract Authority

downloadMy Motion obtained enough co-sponsors. There was very detailed argumentation on why this action was brought and was discussed heavily on the LNC list. I am open to discussion on the reasoning. The original request for co-sponsors is reported at Independent Political Report and was reported promptly to the State Chair of Region 1 for input.

We have an electronic mail ballot.

Votes are due to the LNC-Business list by October 3, 2016 at 11:59:59pm Pacific time.

Co-Sponsors: Harlos, Hayes, Starchild, Demarest

Motion: to rescind the authority granted to the Chair to negotiate and execute a campaign contract and the Joint Fundraising Agreement and rescind any signatures already executed.

Electronic LNC Meeting September 25, 2016

aprsliderFrom the LNC List – instructions for LNC members to attend an electronic meeting September 25, 2016. The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:

5:00 – 5:05 Pacific: Credentialing and housekeeping
5:05 – 6:05: Amend Something Previously Adopted – Budget
6:05 – 6:25: Populating Committees
6:25 – 6:45: Transparency for Committees
6:45 – 7:00: Public comment and announcements

This is the first of at least three emails you will receive from me on this subject. It is important that you read this information, and do it well in advance of the meeting.

The invitation below contains the link you need to participate via the web.

We have a teleconference system attached to this electronic meeting room. If you join via the web, you can use a microphone on your computer to transmit your audio, and you do NOT need to also dial into the phone number below.

The phone number below is a backup option for an audio-only connection if someone cannot join via the web. Phone participants obviously will not be able to see the webcam feeds or anything displayed onscreen, only hear the audio.

Under our rules, the phone number below is ONLY for use by LNC members/alternates and not for guests because we have to pay per minute for use of this particular teleconference number. It costs the LNC nothing (beyond our flat-rate annual subscription) for web participants.

If an LNC member/alternate plans to use the teleconference system rather than connecting via the web, LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE. I have to be dialed into the teleconference also, and I have to take additional steps to connect the phone system to the meeting room. It can be disruptive to other meeting participants if I have to do that in the middle of the meeting because I wasn’t told in advance that someone needs it turned on.

When you first connect to the AdobeConnect meeting room, the site will need to install a browser add-in. Watch in your browser for information bars asking you to give permission for the add-in. You must allow the add-in or else the meeting room will not open. After the add-in is installed, some may need to close and re-open their browsers before they can use the add-in. Even if you have participated in one of these meetings before and allowed the browser add-in, Adobe has recently updated their software, so an updated add-in needs to be installed.

Included in the invitation below is a test link you should use WELL IN ADVANCE so Adobe can go ahead and install the add-in and check to make sure you have the software needed to participate in the meeting. If you’re going to have a technical problem, you want to know in advance so you potentially have time to fix it before the meeting.

Please join me in an Adobe Connect Meeting.

When: 09/25/2016 8:00 PM Eastern / 5PM Pacific

To join the meeting:

Audio Conference Details:
Conference Code: 7509417927
Conference Number(s):
USA: +1-8668149555

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before:

Test your connection:

Get a quick overview:

Adobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat and Adobe Connect are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

This is a Motion I had given notice that I intended to bring:

Move to Amend Policy Manual Section 2.02 (page 23) to add a new subsection (2) and re-number the remaining as follows:

2) Committee Transparency

The names and contact information (phone number, email address, or both) for all committee members shall be posted on the website. Unless otherwise specifically excepted on a committee-by-committee basis or within the committee’s own published standing rules for “executive session,” all committee meetings shall be open to any member of the National Party to observe or listen and all electronic committee correspondences shall be made available on a public reflector system on the website, the location of which will be published with the committee contact information. Notices, minutes, agendas, and call-in information of committee meetings shall be published to said reflector list or otherwise on the website, including a record of all substantive committee actions and how each member voted. At least 48 hours public notice will be given for any committee meeting, with the exception of emergency meetings as defined within the committee’s own published standing rules.

Results of Email Ballot 2016-06: AZ Ballot Access Ruling

email-inbox-istock_000033628930small_0This ballot was put forth on the LNC list on September 12, 2016:

Sponsor: Katz, Harlos, Hayes, Demarest


Whereas, The Arizona state government’s new statute increasing the signature requirements for Libertarians and other alternative party candidates to appear on primary ballots in Arizona by as much as 20-fold or more is clearly unfair, burdensome, at odds with legal precedent, and unconstitutional; and

Whereas, Plaintiffs have limited resources and could use additional legal support in fighting to overturn this unjust statute, especially if the federal district court ruling goes against them and an appeal is necessary;

Resolved, That the Libertarian National Committee allocates $5,000 from its “legal offense” budget line to be used in the event of an appeal from the District Court’s ruling in AZ Libertarian Party v. Reagan, and directs its staff and chair to reach out to groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the Landmark Legal Foundation, the Pacific Legal Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Center for Law and Justice, and other alternative political parties, to invite them to file amicus curiae briefs with the court or otherwise provide support to the plaintiffs in the aforementioned case, and to publicize the matter on a national scope if feasible.

The results came in as follows:

Voting “aye”: Demarest, Hagan, Harlos, Hayes, Katz, Marsh, McKnight, Redpath, Starchild, Vohra

Voting “nay”: (none)

Express Abstention: Bilyeu, Bittner, Goldstein, Lark, Mattson

With a final vote tally of 10-0, the motion PASSES.

Libertarian Party National Convention Draft Minutes

nationalconventiongroup-1024x561Secretary Mattson has released the second draft of the 2016 National Convention Minutes correcting some typographical issues noted by some party members. I had also initially objected to the first draft as follows:

This is a question of an inexperienced convention person so I please ask
indulgence for this question.

I note in several places a ruling of the Chair is mentioned yet there is a parenthetical comment that says (However, see RONR ****). This seems to me to be an insertion in the minutes of opinion that the Chair’s ruling may not be correct. And that contradiction was not part of the record.

Can someone please point me to custom or rules or other resources that such an insertion is proper?

(and yes I note that other times helpful references to RONR are placed in comments, and I do not understand how that is part of the minutes if it was not specifically part of the proceedings).

In the second draft, Secretary Mattson responded thusly:

Attached is a very slightly updated draft of the national convention minutes. There have been no significant changes since the first version I circulated. I corrected a typo that indicated Darryl Perry was a delegate from NY rather than from NH. I changed one instance of “Mr. Feldman” to “Dr. Feldman”. I corrected on p. 39 the listing of who spoke to the nomination of Steve Sheetz.

Staff, please go ahead and post this version to the website so that it will become eligible for approval by the LNC.

At some point Ms. Harlos had asked about the inclusion of some RONR references. I do some extra work to concisely add RONR references to our convention minutes in the hopes that the knowledge will help our future conventions run more smoothly. For the past two conventions I’ve taken the time to write appendices about election anomalies, including highlighting a mistake of my own, so that we can aim to avoid repeating those problems in the future, lest they change an outcome. In 2014 I specifically asked the LNC if they wanted that information in the official record, and they did, so I went ahead and included that appendix in this year’s draft.

To which I responded in several emails:

Alicia, I still believe the inclusion of RONR references is improper. It is interpretive and not properly part of the record particularly when they imply the ruling of the Chair might have been incorrect. I believe appendices that are presented as interpretative are entirely different.

I don’t know what the 2014 decided and if my specific type of objection was addressed. Was there an official resolution of the LNC that this type of commentary would parenthetically inserted into the body of the Concention Minties?

In case I didn’t say the precise words needed under the policy manual, I challenge these based on the parenthetical inclusions of RONR in the body of the minutes.

I hold firm that this is inappropriate editorializing. I will keep you updated. You can view these second draft minutes here.