Meeting Minutes from 7/17/16 Meeting Finalized

meeting-minutesThe Meeting Minutes from the July 17, 2016 LNC meeting have been finalized and can be viewed here. It was my fault they were delayed because I objected to them back in August. I still object, but a battle I lost. I desired for it to be noted in the record that I requested for Assemblyman Moore to mention the word “Libertarian” prominently on his website. Since it was not a formal motion, the rest of the LNC declined to have it added to the minutes. I am of the school that if a committee member expressly asks for something to be included it should be- even if others think it just posturing. Some Robert’s authorities agree with my position.

On the subject of the draft Convention minutes, my objections were well-taken and a new draft is being prepared.

October End-of-Month Financial Report Released

annual-reportFrom the LNC List: The October End-of-Month Financial Reports are attached. The reserve dropped to $415,669, which is $370,377 above the reserve target of $45,292. October had some extra expenses: $20,000 contributed to the Mark Miller Campaign, $15,500 for the annual audit, and $6,400 Kentucky legal expenses.

Tim Hagan

You can view the report here.

November Membership Report Release

membshipreport-smallThe November Membership Report has been released, and a copy can be found here. I have started to compile a running chart of how our Region’s BSM numbers are growing.


This report has some interesting charts as usual.
Active Donors continue to go up:


But New Donors continue to go down (after a drastic drop):


Lapsed donors are back on a downward trend:


But renewing donors went down – AND THIS IS WHERE THE LNC NEEDS TO BE CONCERNED:


Region 1 Fourth Quarter Report and Proposed Agenda

statescollagedropshadowThe Region 1 report for the July 17, 2016 LNC meeting has been turned in and is available for viewing here.

The proposed agenda for the meeting can be found here.

When the live-streaming details are released, I will post them. Remember that Independent Political Report often also live-blogs the meetings. A link for that entry will be shared when available as well.