Meeting Location Issues

64193119-disadvantage-word-cloud-conceptAn issue came up on the LNC list that I believe needs some discussion, particularly one point that has placed Region 1 (and we are 9 states) at a distinct disadvantage and advantaged the east coast regions and representatives. Region 7 Representative Demarest stated it well:

I have absolutely no concerns about Nick’s and Robert’s abilities to make a wise decision (or recommendation) on the meeting location. I also understand the need for a reasonably prompt location decision so we can get on with travel and lodging arrangements. However, in addition to Starchild’s legitimate transparency concerns on proposal specifics, this top-down approach makes a mockery of asking LNC members where they would like to hold meetings. It suggests that meeting location criteria are driven primarily by LNC staff preferences and travel costs paid from the LNC budget rather than LNC member preferences and self-funded travel expenses. Further, I strongly suspect that some LNC member location suggestions were expediently ignored because no 2020/22 convention cost and suitability information had been gathered for those locations.

I have bolded the part that I wish to bring out. Our last meeting was in Virginia, just a drive for some LNC members and alternates, and the next one will be nearly in Pennsylvania, and the same members get to save hundreds of dollars and also have their alternates (if regional) easily attend. This is patently not balanced to those of us farther away. These two decisions personally cost me over $500 and have made it very unlikely that the Region 1 alternate can attend, effectively silencing a voice that could be there to speak for us.

The absolute fact of the self-funded nature of LNC members MUST be taken into considered, not mere “average” costs which ALWAYS turns out to be higher for some and effectively privileges others. For this last trip, I literally can get to Alaska at the same cost.

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December Membership Report Released

membshipreport-smallThe December Membership Report has been released, and a copy can be found here. I have started to compile a running chart of how our Region’s BSM numbers are growing.


This report has some interesting charts as usual.

Active Donors have flattened:


New Donors have gone down:


Lapsed donors are way up (concerning):


But renewing donors went back up: