Successful Ballot Access Drive!


We did it!!!

Thank you for donating to our Ballot Access Fund during the very special double-matching opportunity.

We have now reached the full $33,900 which will now be TRIPLED to $101,700!

Our experts have recommended that we raise $130,000 in 2017 to do the work needed to ensure that Libertarian candidates are able to appear on every ballot in America in 2018.

While this double-matching campaign has ended, our ballot access fundraising and needs have not. We still need to raise about $25,000 in 2017 to do the work needed this year to put us on the path to 50 state (plus DC) ballot access for 2018.

Right now, we are further ahead in this process than ever before and, with your help, we are going to keep plowing ahead on this critical work.

Our goal is to make sure that Libertarian candidates are able to appear on every ballot in America in 2018.

Thank you again for your generous support that makes this work possible.

Wes Benedict
Executive Director

Region 1 First Quarter Report

statescollagedropshadowThe Region 1 report for the April 15-16, 2017 LNC meeting has been turned in and is available for viewing here.

When the live-streaming details are released, I will post them. Remember that Independent Political Report often also live-blogs the meetings. A link for that entry will be shared when available as well.

The proposed Agenda is being worked out.


What: LNC Meeting 04/15-16

Where: Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown – 600 Commonwealth Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 –

Meeting Time & Location: Kings Garden Rooms 1 / 2 on Ballroom Level right by elevators time TBD (but typically 9 am – 6 pm Sat & 9 am – 3 pm Sun). A light complimentary lunch will be provided by VisitPittsburgh (CVB) from 12:30-1:30 pm which will also include a presentation & walkthrough of the Wyndham Grand.

Cheapest Way from Airport to DT:



Local area:

Note: Hotel has a complimentary shuttle service to within 3 miles of the venue

New Page to Keep Up with Events Created

events-bannerWe’ve got our events function working on Events are limited to national LP events, LNC meetings, LNC subcommittee meetings, and state conventions. That’s a quick summary of what’s allowed there. No local meetings or routine state party meetings.

To have an event listed, like a historical preservation committee meeting, or an affiliate support committee meeting, send the details to Bob Johnston .


Wes Benedict, Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee, Inc.
1444 Duke St., Alexandria, VA 22314
(202) 333-0008 ext. 232, @LPNational
Join the Libertarian Party at:

Two LNC Motions Passed- Historical Records Move and Next LNC Meeting Location Set

yes-noCo-Sponsors: Harlos, Hayes, Bittner, Demarest


Move to budget an additional $5,000 (budget line 90) to relocate the historical records in the Duke Street basement and in the off-site storage facility to a location in Colorado to be determined by Historical Preservation Committee Chair. The facility will be paid by for and under the control of the LNC and will be obtained at a cost equal or less to the price paid for the similar facility in Virginia. The Executive Director will be directed to send out up to two fundraising emails to cover this expense and the prior budgeted Historical Committee expense (credit to budget line 25).

Voting “aye”: Bilyeu, Bittner, Demarest, Hagan, Harlos, Hayes, Goldstein, Lark, Marsh, Sarwark, Starchild, Vohra

Voting “nay”: Katz, Mattson

Express abstention: Redpath

With a final vote tally of 12-2, the motion PASSES.

And in reference to the above, this is an email I sent to the Historical Preservation Committee members:

Committee, as stated yesterday, the LNC motion to move the records archive to CO for my organization has passed. I have been making plans with Wes. My hands-on organizational efforts on this project will shift to the physical items – which is precisely as I planned with the excellent committee appointments we have. James, Ed, and Joe are the technical online end and Joe and I are the physical documents end with the collaboration between the efforts to get them on LPedia. We will be able to prioritize (and our successors will be) much better with me having actual access to the records and I will be able to farm out to volunteers much easier. If mine and Wes’ plans go through as we hope, the records will be here end of this month. Then will begin a multi-year project.
This is an exciting committee to our history on the part of the LNC.

I will be seeking the Committees advice on the organization of these records. In a sense, I am envisioning the physical records to follow a convention similar to the digital files. Categories will be kept in a separate numerical space (i.e. Boxes starting with the number 1… so 1A, 1B, 1C will be LP News… boxes starting with the number 2 will be [insert another category]… so 2A, 2B etc.) This will allow items to be added to categories while not disrupting the numerical flow and keep a logical order. A simple inventory will be kept for each series.
I am amenable to other organizational schemes, this is just my initial plans. There are numerous ways to organize physical records. I am trying to keep things easy to maintain, easy to catalogue, and sustainable.

Other methods don’t worry about literal organization but treat them like indexed computer files retrieved by sequential numbers (or even using Bates numbering). While that is fine for a computer file, the human mind and hands having to work with these records doesn’t work easily like that.

Co-Sponsors: Goldstein, Hagan, Hayes, Bittner

Motion: The site for the August 19-20, 2017 LNC meeting will be Kansas City (MO or KS).

Voting “aye”: Bittner, Demarest, Goldstein, Hagan, Harlos, Hayes, Lark, Marsh, Mattson, McKnight, Redpath, Vohra

Voting “nay”: Starchild, Starr

Express abstention: Bilyeu, Katz

With a final vote tally of 12-2, the motion PASSES.

March Membership Report Released

membshipreport-smallThe MarchMembership Report has been released, and a copy can be found here. I have started to compile a running chart of how our Region’s BSM numbers are trending. All but two states are down; I actively recruited at the conventions for those two states and will be recruiting in AK, WY, and WA in the coming months.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.06.43 PM

This report has some interesting charts as usual.

Active Donors are dropping slightly after leveling:

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.08.35 PM

New Donors are up again by about 125:

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.09.22 PM

Lapsed donors have spiked and outpaced new donors (not good – this is a KEY metric):

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.10.16 PM

But renewing donors are up (yay!):

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.10.59 PM

I have asked for the region 1 member list in order to follow up on our lapsed members as several region 1 states lost BSM members and been doing personal phone calls.

January 2017 End-of-Month Financial Report Released

annual-reportThe January 2017 End-of-Month Financial Reports are attached. The year started with a $42,998 surplus. The reserve is at $242,828.

Support and revenue for the year was $2,624,990 versus a budget of $1,907,869, and the year had a surplus of $274,327. Total expenses were below budget, but some expenses ended over budget. In particular Administrative Costs, Member Communication (LP News), and Building Fundraising Expenses were more than 10% over their budgeted amounts.
Tim Hagan

You can view the report here.