Meet the Candidates: Richard Longstreth

As we continue on meeting candidates running in Region 1 for the Representative to the LNC, we bring in Richard Longstreth.

Experience: 2016 House of Representatives campaign for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District during which he broke records in Colorado and beat out Gary Johnson’s campaign in the district. Assisted in starting several county groups by acting as a sounding board and providing solutions as local groups ran into growth issues.

Service: Currently in transition from Colorado to Arizona. Past: Vice Chair (LPCO), Campaigns Director (LPCO), Regions Director (LPCO), Various Committee Assignments from 2014 to 2018 (LPCO). National Platform Committee in 2018 (LPCO’s Representative until resignation due to relocation of states)

Education: BS in Political Science/International Relations

Vision: I would like to see the LP focus on rebuilding our membership. More memberships = more donors = more that the LNC can do to support candidates and local affiliates. We should be in development of modern resources and fully support. As a Representative it would be my honor to visit local affiliates, both state and county, and speak with candidates in order to see how the LNC could best serve their needs at a macro level.

Personal: Long term relationship, frequent traveler, a desire to serve and improve the Liberty movement.

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