Parades, booths, and outreach. Region 1 steps up

June and July are some of the biggest months for outreach. Between summer festivals, July 4th events, and candidate canvassing, it is prime time to get out and hit the pavement. All throughout Region 1, Libertarians answer the call to spread the message of liberty and work hard for a world set free in our lifetime.

First up is Washington State Libertarians showing up for a rally to support the Bill of Rights on July 7, 2018. Candidate for Legislative District 22, Allen Acosta, was one of the featured speakers of the day.

In Utah, on July 4th, the Libertarian Party of Weber County paired up with U.S. Senate Candidate Craig Bowden (L) to march in the Cherry Days Parade and also did outreach at festivals throughout the day.

Team Acosta in Washington also took advantage of the holiday weekend to do sign waves and festival canvassing.

The Libertarian Party of Thurston County showed up to volunteer for Homeless Backpacks, a 100% donation run charity to get needed supplies to individuals who are currently facing homelessness.

In Kansas, Jeff Caldwell, a candidate for governor, hit the streets for a parade with a good handful of volunteers.

Several events throughout Utah were coordinated by candidates and the state party. Barry Short, running for House District 72, Denyse Cox running for House District 68, Daniel Holloway running for House District 74, Justin Bake running for Tooele County Commission, and Jeff Whipple running for 2nd Congressional District, all had volunteers for parades and outreach booths on July 4th.

We are proud of our Libertarians hitting the pavement and representing our party.

If you would like to have your pictures, events, and outreach featured, please send them to Craig Bowden, your Region 1 Alternate. You can send them to


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