Region 1 Caucus Night 2018

From left to right: Caryn Ann Harlos, Richard Longstreth, Joe Buchman, and Craig Bowden

Region 1 held its Caucus Night on July 1, 2018. Delegates from Region 1 met together to select their representatives to the LNC.

Outgoing Region Representative, Caryn Ann Harlos, made remarks about how great the region is, how we are the gold standard in the Libertarian Party, and how hard it was to make the decision to run for Secretary because of how much she loves working with the activists in Region 1.

Craig Bowden, the Region Alternate took some time to thank the many activists who are what really define where success in the party comes from. He specifically gave examples from several examples he had seen in several of the states.

For Region Representative, Joe Buchman from Utah and Richard Longstreth from Arizona faced off and presented the reasons why they believed they should be the ones chosen as the representative. Wayne Harlos, Chair for Colorado, gave the nomination speech for Richard, and Craig Bowden, both the Region Alternate and Chair for one of the county affiliates in Utah nominated Joe.

The results were extremely close, as both candidates were more than qualified to be the representative. At the end of the day, Region 1 selected Richard Longstreth to be their representative on the LNC.

In the Alternate race, Craig Bowden was originally unopposed, however, a nomination from the floor brought in Spencer Kellogg, who delivered a passionate speech about expanding individual liberty. Craig spoke about his short time being on the LNC as the Alternate, and what he would like to see going forward.

After the votes were counted, Craig Bowden was re-elected to be the Region 1 Alternate.

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