Bylaws Committee Hearing Set for June 22, 2017

The Bylaws Committee is having its first meeting to invite member comment as follows:

Meeting Name: Bylaws Committee Hearing
When: 6/22/2017 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern
Purpose: To receive public feedback regarding the Bylaws and desired changes
Requested by: Katz (chair)


As electronic meetings are in the nature of special meetings, no commitments may be made on items other than those listed in the call to meeting.

At the start of the session, I will introduce the following motions:

1. To record the session.
2. That consideration begin ad seriatim, to be followed by suggestions for new articles or larger changes.
According to the Policy Manual, “…the meeting notice shall describe how to participate in the meeting.” That information appears below. I have also included a note from the LNC Secretary on helpful tips for participation, as well as, for your reference, the relevant Policy Manual provision.

To join the meeting:
Audio Conference Details: If you join by computer/webcam at the link above, you do NOT also need to dial into this teleconference, which is a backup audio-only option.
Teleconference Number(s): 866-814-9555
Conference Code: 7509417927

Please note that the information above is provided for committee members. According to the rules for electronic meetings, non-members must connect by computer.
If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before:
Test your connection:
1) Even though it is possible to use a mobile device to join one of these meetings, you are mistaken if you think you can participate meaningfully while driving down the road in your car and connecting with your iPhone/iPad. It’s dangerous. You can’t pay attention to anything shown on the screen, and even the audio won’t have your full attention because you’re driving. Raising your hand, or voting, or trying to adjust your microphone is the equivalent of texting while driving, which could earn you a ticket (and no points from the Secretary, though other points could accrue on your license). You’re much more likely to lose your connection as your signal is transferred from one cell tower to another. Etc.
2) You should make arrangements to be in a reasonably quiet location with a decent-speed internet connection. If you have a slow connection (like a cell tower) the audio/video may cut in and out for you. Don’t be in a bowling alley or a night club or a grocery store. Children should be supervised by someone else in another room. Barking dogs or other noise-producing pets should be put in another location where they won’t be heard by the rest of us.
3) USE YOUR HEADPHONES OR EARBUDS. I use the same earbuds I use with my iPod. You can buy a pair for $5 in lots of places. Not using headphones/earbuds will cause echoes for other participants because the sound coming out of your speakers will feed back in through your microphone and get re-transmitted. The echoes are very distracting and maddening.
4) When this system is used with only a handful of people, participants can generally leave their microphones on and self-regulate if two people talk over each other. This meeting will be the largest we’ve ever used the system for, and I suspect it will be important for everyone to mute their microphones while they’re not talking, and use the raise-hand feature to have the chair recognize you to speak, after which you can turn on your microphone.
7) Electronic Meetings
a) The term “electronic meeting” within these electronic meeting rules shall be construed to include teleconferences and videoconferences.
b) The term “committee” within these electronic meeting rules shall be construed to include both the LNC (as the board of the Libertarian Party) as well as committees.
c) All videoconferences will be conducted via the Adobe Connect (Citrix) service, hereinafter referred to as Adobe Connect.
d) Electronic meetings may be called by either:
● The committee Chair, or
● 1/3 of the committee members or 2 committee members, whichever is
greater. However, the call of an electronic meeting can be canceled if a majority of the committee members email a cancellation request to the entire committee prior to the scheduled time of the meeting.
e) Each committee member calling for an electronic meeting must do so by emailing the entire committee and specifying the date of the meeting, time of the meeting, and the topic(s) to be addressed. Meetings must be so called no fewer than 2 days in advance for committees with fewer than 10 members, or 7 days in advance for committees with 10 or more members. These time limits do not apply to the LNC’s Executive Committee, the LNC’s Advertising and Publications Review Committee, or the Judicial Committee.
f) For electronic LNC meetings, messages calling or vetoing a meeting must be sent on the LNC-Business email list.
g) When a sufficient number of people have issued a call for an electronic meeting, the committee Chair or Secretary shall issue a notice of the meeting to each member and alternate of the committee. In addition to the standard notice content, the meeting notice shall describe how to participate in the meeting.
h) Each participant must provide his own equipment and connectivity, including but not limited to any computer, internet access, web camera, microphone, earphones, or telephone. Members and alternates have the right to participate in an electronic meeting by telephone, however they should use a
computer connection if feasible so as to be able to more fully use the Adobe Connect features. The organization is not responsible for providing a central location for physical attendance of an electronic meeting. For face-to- face meetings, electronic participation is not allowed.
i) Each participant must accurately identify himself by name when joining the meeting. Videoconference participants other than members or alternates of the committee must precede their sign-in name with “zz” so as to group them at the end of the alphabetical participant list.
j) Electronic meeting participants must try to eliminate, as much as possible, background noise, echoes, and call waiting interruptions. Participants shall not place their telephone connection on hold if the system has music or messages playing while in that mode.
k) All participants legally consent to having the meetings recorded, should the committee opt to do so.
l) Electronic meetings are special meetings such that only the topics listed in the call of the meeting may be considered during the meeting.
m) For original main motions, the committee Chair or Secretary shall document the time at which the vote tally was announced. A person eligible to vote who was present during the debate of the motion but who lost his connection to the meeting may still reconnect to the meeting and cast his vote on the motion no more than 5 minutes after the announcement of the vote tally.
n) If the committee permits, participants other than members or alternates of the committee may observe videoconferences using Adobe Connect (and not by a toll-free number) with their web cameras off and their microphones muted.
o) The LNC Secretary shall promulgate these rules to all members/alternates of each committee upon notice of their election or appointment.

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