Update on Arvin Vohra LNC Discussion and Action

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 11.18.02 PMMerissa Hamilton of AZ had reported Vohra for Policy Manual violations. I had told her at the time that I did not think the Policy Manual was at issue here, and that this involved different issues. Attached please find our counsel’s report that found no Policy Manual violation. I disagree with him on one point in which I think he incorrectly split hairs, but since I never thought it was a Policy Manual issue, I came to the same conclusion from a different perspective. The report can be found here. Vohra waived confidentiality on the report.

I wanted to provide this in case any of this information would cause any state to reconsider any prior positions.

Also a special meeting has been successfully called for for 2/2 on the issue of possible suspension. Realistically it is not going to pass. Here are the reasons why:
The censure motion will be done prior to then. So far the vote is 5-4 in favour and pursuant to my instructions, I voted yes. I can withdraw or change my vote any time prior to the expiration on January 30 2018.

If the censure motion does not pass, then certainly a suspension will not. And if it does pass, the mood will be that such is sufficient.

Unless I hear otherwise in instructions from you, I will be supporting suspension. The state tally is:

Alaska: Yes
Arizona: Recused
Colorado: Yes (a board member disputes the authority of the chair to make that call)
Hawaii: Yes
Kansas: Yes
Montana: Yes
Utah: No
Washington: No position
Wyoming: Yes

Out of eight potential states included the tally would be 6-1-no answer. which meets the 2/3 for suspension and majority for censure. If I included seven states (since WA has no position, and I generally would not count a non-response, but due to the seriousness of this issue I will), it would obviously still meet both thresholds.

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