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lnc copyThis is what I sent to my region one chairs:

Hello everyone. AZ has a new state chair but as he has not been privy to the whole of this discussions, I am not including AZ on this because it is nearly its end. For the record AZ passed a resolution this weekend condemning any support of pedophilia and hebephilia which obviously is in direct response to this situation.

The censure motion will fail. Nearly all the yes’s have changed their vote to no. Arvin posted a defense which was more of the same – you can read on the LNC list (and I encourage you to, and he posted on the state chairs list) but the tldr; is empathy fails, being an asshole works. I don’t agree, and that is not what I signed up for. I suspect that is not what many of you signed up for either.

My vote remains yes. The no votes now are for various reasons. I suspect but cannot prove that the over-reaching letter from counsel was pivotal. Others do not like the wording of the censure motion as it does not take a side in the age of consent debate. Some want to claim that NONE of Arvin’s points were Libertarian. Others think some were and some were not (I fall in that camp). But what this has devolved into is factional jockeying about who gets to interpret the Platform and thus get the upper hand in the ideological struggle. Which is exactly what Arvin wanted. To make this into an ideological dispute and not one of professionalism, breach of duty, and proper conduct of leaders. I am deeply saddened. The vast majority of region 1 chairs told me that they agreed with much but not all of what he said. Yet some on the LNC are trying to condemn it all and – that is nakedly a factional issue.

The 2/2 meeting will be a farce. Nothing acceptable to Region 1 will come out of it. I will attend and argue as that is my instructions, but I am writing to see if in any of this you wish to change my instructions.

My recommendation to Region 1 states no matter where you stand. Issue your own resolutions and come to grips with the idea what the LNC is not capable of doing anything about this situation. I say this with regret.

I am going to advise them to have me abstain in absolute protest and for Region 1 to take its own stand. We bow down to the national party too much, that has also been my position, and remains so.

The LNC owes Trump an apology. Apparently all of our criticism for his boorish despicable behaviour was showboating. And our criticism of Roy Moore should be pulled as rank political opportunism.

PS: For those of you that are going to use this to attack Chair Sarwark once again, you don’t understand how the LNC works. The Chair facilitates the will of the LNC. He does not direct it. He stays out of these disputes until his vote is needed for a tie-breaker.

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