Results of Special Meeting to Suspend/Censure Vice Chair Arvin Vohra

A motion to suspend failed. I voted in favour as directed.

I moved a motion to censure. It passed 9-7.

Whereas, Vice Chair Arvin Vohra’s public discourse has repeatedly included inflammatory, and insulting remarks which bring the Party, its candidates, and its principles into disrepute;

Whereas, Mr. Vohra has behaved in a way that violates his fidiciary duty to the Party, its members, and its principles;

Whereas Mr. Vohra’s remarks have destructively stereotyped party members and large segments of the population, a behavior completely at odds with our Party’s philosophy of recognizing and treating people as individuals;

Whereas, Mr. Vohra’s comments have caused wide-spread offense, and the result is that the LNC, its committees, and Party affiliates are distracted from productive activities;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Libertarian National Committee censures Arvin Vohra.

To all members, I believe, no matter what side, if any, you were on in this issue that the debate was well-done and in good faith by all concerned making the difficult decisions that they were elected to do. There was quite a bit of uncivil commentary in the chat window, and I would urge everyone to be better than that.

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