December 2017 End-of-Month Financial Report Released


The December End-of-Month Financial Reports are attached.

The year ended with a deficit of $41,424 versus a budgeted deficit of $284,900. Total Revenues for 2017 were $1,585,994, which is $86,794 higher than the budget. Total Expenses were $1,627,418, which is $156,682 below the budget.

The Policy Manual requires me to report to the LNC budget lines that exceed the budgeted expense amount by 10% or $100, whichever is more. The 50-Affiliate Support Expense was $55,356. Its budget was $45,000, so Affiliate Support went over budget by $10,356 or 23%.

The LNC had $6,831 of prepaid convention expenses and $101,728 of deferred convention revenue in 2017, both of which will be booked in 2018.

Tim Hagan
Treasurer, Libertarian National Committee

You can view the report here.

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