Fact Check: Is Party Income Plummeting? Verdict: Fake News

2018 Jan-Feb LNC Revenue

I know we are all in the excitement of internal Party races and the promise of new ideas and possibilities. But somewhere along the line I read (and I don’t remember from who so this is not a finger pointer) that the Party’s revenues are plummeting. That simply is not true. I am sure it was said through inadvertence or misunderstanding, but let’s please stick to what is correct and not diminish the work of others, including our fantastic Head of Development.
Dear LNC,
February 2018 revenues were exceptionally strong according to preliminary data.
Total revenue for February was $196,956, including $23,599 for the convention.
When excluding convention revenues and bequests, and adding January and February’s revenues together, our numbers so far for 2018 are excellent:
they exceed all of the revenues for the same time frame for the last 10 years;
they are 49% above the 10 year average;
they are 45% above the average of the last 5 even-numbered years.
Many thanks to all of our donors and members who have contributed.

Lauren Daugherty
Head of Development
Libertarian National Committee

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